A crisp, frosty walk on the Norfolk coast path at sunrise

One of the joys of winter in Blakeney is to wake up early and find the coast path hard and crispy underfoot with frost and ice. This was taken on a walk from Blakeney to Morston and back, when the sun was just beginning to make its presence felt above the silhouette of Blakeney church. 

From our Instagram, @North.Sea.Living.


Still water, just after sunrise

Still water, just after sunrise in Blakeney, Norfolk. The freshwater marsh takes on a distinctive palette in the winter sunlight – midnight blue water, golden reeds and the soft purples of the cloudscape.

From our Instagram, @North.Sea.Living.

Sunrise time-lapse over Blakeney and Cley marshes

Sunrise timelapse over Blakeney and Cley marsh

The sun rises about a quarter past seven at this time of year, emerging from the low hills behind Cley as you look back across the fresh water marsh from Blakeney. If you’re lucky, you see the silhouette of Cley windmill emerging and the swaying reeds bathed in the glowing light.

This was shot as a video over about twenty minutes on a morning dog walk, then edited afterwards to speed it up.

Sunrise over Blakeney Marsh

I woke early and went in search of daybreak.  Standing on the deck of the old houseboat at Blakeney Marsh and looking East towards Cley, I could hear the waves rolling on the sea bank and the birds calling to the light.  The first glimpse of the Sun’s orange and red disc silhouetted the mechanical arm of a digger, now paused in its work of rebuilding the flood defences.

Two bait diggers were walking back down the harbour channel, just ahead of the incoming tide.  I always imagine sunrise to be a quiet time, but instead it is filled with all the excited cries of nature, while most humans remain silently slumbering in bed.

The video was recorded on my phone (a Moto X) and sped up 8x.