The Highs and Lows of Blakeney: Part 2

A low tide adventure.


So, same route, different tide today. Low tide in Blakeney reveals what lies beneath. A quiet stroll down the Center of the harbour after work makes a great evening dog walk in the warm weather. However, if you are looking for a great run/resistance workout then I recommend a run out and around the sailing buoys.


This is a great 5k run that will take you along mud, sand and through pools of shallow water for that extra resistance. And you can never forget the wind factor along the coast! It’s a whole body work out, and if you get hot you can always jump in the pools left behind which are at times bath water warm. Just make sure you are sure the tide is out or just before low tide, because they can rush around here.


Coconut coast

Gorse on Wiveton Down
Gorse on Wiveton Down

Biking, running and walking along the North Norfolk coast is accompanied by the delicious smell of coconut at the moment. The bright yellow gorse flowers are reaching their peak and have this wonderful scent, like suntan lotion and summer days on the beach. On a warm, breezy day it wafts as you run past or cycle down the lanes.

The best places we’ve found so far are Wiveton Down, near Glandford and the Art Cafe, (also has great views of the sea), or the coast path between Morston and Stiffkey.