Old Kings Lynn





Look at that, could be Cambridge if you didn’t know any better. But here we are in the old section of Kings Lynn. We took a walk along the water front where cafés and pubs are starting to spring up. Then, just a road or two inland, we have these:








Amazing old places aren’t they? We were surprised it wasn’t more bustling.

We did stop here however for a drink and it was very peaceful. Good cider and beer.




But give it time. With plans for more frequent trains to London and Cambridge, Kings Lynn could once more become trendy. Then we will all wish we had bought this place on the water for a mere pittance. But it’s not too late now! Anyone?


The place on the left: £200k



Babcia tea & a taste of Eastern Europe at Lituanica in Kings Lynn


Whenever I’m taking the train to London from Kings Lynn, I try to allow extra time to stop at Lituanica, a wonderful Eastern European supermarket.  It has an extraordinary range of fresh meat, vegetables, bakery and cakes – as well as jars and frozen food for the store cupboards.

There is Polish heritage in my family, but even without this connection, it makes for a great shopping experience. You’ll find produce you just can’t get in traditional British supermarkets and in a store that is beautifully quiet and clean.

The butchers, fresh bread and cakes are particular highlights. I also use it to stock up on herbal teas – Babcia brand! ‘Babcia’ in Polish is Grandma and it reminds me of my own Babcia, still going strong at nearly 90.  I recommend the Apple Mint and Pear varieties.

The store opened a café recently, complete with exactly the sort of dark wood furniture and floral prints you’ll find in any Eastern European café or household of a certain era.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the value too. Cappuccino and a weighty slice of cake (it is sold by the gram) set me back the princely sum of £2.48. This extends to the shop goods as well – if you’re used to shopping at Tesco, Waitrose, Asda et al, you’ll be blown away by the value here.

Go and buy some random stuff you don’t recognise and enjoy a taste of Eastern Europe in Norfolk!