Last of the leaf colours

We’re seeing the last of the colours around here, with a flurry of reds and golds before the trees show their bones for the winter. With the moon coming full, we can look out of the window and see the dark outlines of bare branches silhouetted against it.

From our Instagram, @North.Sea.Living.


Autumn colours in Norfolk’s November


The warm reds, yellows and oranges still floating on the tree branches around this little corner of North Norfolk have been remarkable the last week. Not least because November is waning fast and December nearly upon us. After spending some time in New England during October, where we were treated to the best an American fall has to offer – framed and intensified by two weeks of intense blue sky – it feels like an extra bonus to have an unexpected, late display of colour back in the UK.

The photo above was taken in Langham on a morning walk.