Mud, beautiful mud

An acquired taste, perhaps, but the glow of sunlight on the wet mud of shallow East Coast harbours is a beautiful thing. If you feel the same and haven’t yet read Maurice Griffith’s The Magic of the Swatchways, you really must.

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Mother Nature shows off for the arrival of Spring

It’s been a big week of natural phenomena here in Blakeney. The week started off with a big show of the aurora borealis. Unfortunately we were below a thick mist and missed the show. The sky did clear, however, for the partial eclipse on Friday.


Cool huh? It is the first one I have seen, and was thrilling. Friday saw a trifecta of eclipse, supermoon, and Spring Equinox! What a combo! Living by the North Sea we all know what a supermoon means… Big tides! This morning was meant to be a 3.6m tide on the quay front here. But due to a 20m/hr North wind we were treated to a surprisingly big tide.




Tonight’s tide is schedual led to be 3.9m. We shall have to wait and see if the wind continues to blow! Tomorrow is set to be sunny and calm with an evening tide of 4m. Should be a couple of water-filled days!  

Here for you-know-who in the EDP. 

Old Kings Lynn





Look at that, could be Cambridge if you didn’t know any better. But here we are in the old section of Kings Lynn. We took a walk along the water front where cafés and pubs are starting to spring up. Then, just a road or two inland, we have these:








Amazing old places aren’t they? We were surprised it wasn’t more bustling.

We did stop here however for a drink and it was very peaceful. Good cider and beer.




But give it time. With plans for more frequent trains to London and Cambridge, Kings Lynn could once more become trendy. Then we will all wish we had bought this place on the water for a mere pittance. But it’s not too late now! Anyone?


The place on the left: £200k