Cley Eye


Last night Marek and I did one of our traditional summer ‘after work BBQ’ at Cley Eye. Until recently we just called this Cley Beach, but after a visit to the Cley Art Festival we realised a bit more of the history here. But more on that another time.

Last night we headed down to the water front around 8:30 and fired up our mini portable BBQ for some steamed fish in foil, pre-baked sweet potatoes, and fresh grilled courgette from the garden. Dinner time entertainment was provided by some little people in and swimming around their grandfather in his kayak. This was until the discovered they were being watched by a young seal! How cute. Once discovered, he splashed them and swam off. All the while a fantastic sunset carried on in the background. The after-sunset was even more spectacular as an orange blaze painted the clouds with purple shadowed background.
The birds were also enjoying their evening, dive-bombing the water to grab the fish for their dinner. Presumably the was what brought our seal friend in the first place.
Dessert was bake banana filled with chocolate from the fire embers. It was a beautiful evening and for a Monday, not too shabby. Who said this was just for the weekend?







The Highs and Lows of Blakeney

High tide adventures.

Yesterday we decided to make the most of a Friday off work and used the morning high tide to make a trip down to Blakeney Point. Rather than hiking, or making use of the many tour boats, we were able to take the kayak at a strategic time. An hour before high tide we set off. The wind and tide against us we slowly made our way down to the point where we were treated to some time with our local seal colony. I was fortunate to get some shots of our new friends.

Please note that these are taken with a zoom and we were never any closer than 5m. We also did not approach the colony on the shore, rather they took an interest and came to us.

We then turned home and with that the tide turned to rush round the point. This time, however, we were aided by the wind which created surges we were able to coast along the top of home.

Stay tuned for a Blakeney low tide adventure.










Birdscapes Gallery

As a break from our grand adventure, I thought I would just mention a local haunt, and one right next to the subject of another post, The Art Cafe. The Birdscapes Gallery is a gallery entirely dedicated to wild birds and wild places”. They exhibit a wide variety of media from painting to sculpture, and my favourite, prints. And, as it is right next the The Art Cafe, it makes a good destination to while away a few hours.20130516-131046.jpg





Sunny spells

Today is yet another frozen spring day. So instead I am choosing to focus on a weekend from a few weeks ago when it was sunny and joyful. Don’t get me wrong, bleak can be beautiful; we get a lot of that here. (More on that later) But today my heart and body are longing for sun… and Vitamin D. So here are some photos of a great walk we took with our dog Bonzo.