The Garden Year

Just received my year’s order of allotment seeds. It’s all very exciting! Here is to new beginnings with some reminders from last year of what is possible. 

Let’s go!



We’ve been away a lot this summer. But since the beginning of August we have had two main projects. The allotment was lush (and weedy!) after the downpours in July. The squash in particular loved it. It took two weeks to get on top of the weeds but we are almost there. 

I haven’t had much time for the flowers this year but they look ok. That will be an improvement project for next year. 

We have harvested a lot of onions and garlic.

All in all we are pretty pleased.

Great Expectations

Ok, it is March. Which means longer days and the start of seed sewing for the garden. Last year I focused on flowers and a small, two bed, veg patch as a start to see if I could really get into this gardening thing. This year I am upgrading to an allotment, which means more seed sewing than ever. All of this does make one impatient for full Spring weather, so here are some lovely bulbs to tide us over in the meanwhile.