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Such is our life in Norfolk that when we need to buy more coffee we end up on a 10mi walk. From Blakeney up to Wiveton down, the Art Cafe for a scone, and the Grey Seal Roastery for our actual coffee purchase!  




Bonzo enjoyed it too.  

Of course nothing would do but to cross the ford and make our way through the wild flower and spring bulb strewn lanes of Wiveton and into Cley for a sneak peak at the new location for Artemis Antiques and Coffee Shop. (Full report to follow)



Then we finished off through Cley Marsh on the Coast Path homewards.  Time for a nap I think.

This winter, while on a walk around Burnham Thorpe (home of Admiral Nelson), we discovered Salt Glass Studios. We found the combinations of glassworks and print a beautiful and intriguing combination. We also found out that they do glassworks classes from £20 upwards. 

So, having visitors during some unpleasant weather, we decided to have a go at blowing your own glass spheres. Now this sounded like something I should not be allowed to do but they assured me it was for ages 5 and over so I felt a bit better. 





Max Lamb and Dr. Fiona Wilkes run the studio and courses while working on other large projects, including one recently with the Wellcome Trust. They were very friendly, knowledgable, approachable, and patient


We had a great time and got a beautiful reminder of the experience to take home with us. 




The river sweats
               Oil and tar
               The barges drift
               With the turning tide
               Red sails
               To leeward, swing on the heavy spar.

From T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land, pt. III (The Fire Sermon)’.

As a break from our grand adventure, I thought I would just mention a local haunt, and one right next to the subject of another post, The Art Cafe. The Birdscapes Gallery is a gallery entirely dedicated to wild birds and wild places”. They exhibit a wide variety of media from painting to sculpture, and my favourite, prints. And, as it is right next the The Art Cafe, it makes a good destination to while away a few hours.20130516-131046.jpg





The Longshore by Jo Lawrence

The Longshore by Jo Lawrence

We often visit the Pink Foot Gallery in Cley when we’re out walking along the coast. Gallery owners’ Sarah and Rachel’s selection, from sculpture to water colours, is always a pleasure to explore – and frequently refreshed.

Time and again I find myself drawn to the paintings they have by Jo Lawrence. The one above, in particular, seems to capture the diffuse feeling of coastal light which occurs when the haze is backlit by a low sun. It reminds me of times I have walked down the Blakeney Harbour at low tide, or kayaked over to the sea bank near the Watch House on the Point and swum in those remote waters.

It is rare to find your own imagination captured, unknowingly, on canvas.

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