We are a couple who moved to North Norfolk in the summer of 2012. Living here has been eye opening, with an emphasis on living; ’cause hey, life’s too short. Exploring the region we have found that “deepest Norfolk” isn’t what you think it is. There is a vibrant community of artists, artisans, and amazing produce that have been a well kept secret from the masses. And all under 2 hours from London. We wanted to share this with you and help give Norfolk its due. Just don’t tell anyone! We like it this way.

Why Snuggleporium?

The Snuggleporium is a half-baked idea we’ve had tucked away at the back of our minds for years… Imagine a giant warehouse sort of a place dedicated to awesome cosy stuff, where you read, eat cake and chat – and everything you saw was available to buy, take home and fill your life with snuggly things. One day…but until then, Snuggleporium.com will be a journey of things we like.