72 Seasons

“A year of nature, food and tradition seen through the ancient Japanese calendar… in which the year is divided into 24 and then 72 separate seasons.”
Marek introduced me to a new app this week and it immediately captured my imagination. 

72 Seasons is a new app by the Utsukushii Kurashikata Institute. The micro-seasons are depicted using photographs, illustrations, haiku poems and seasonal food. These come together to illustrate the subtle change in the natural world. The app follows path of the sun as seen from earth, 360 degrees divided into 24 seasons, each representing a 15-degree section and lasting about 15 days. 

The app is beautifully done and inspires reflection on your own life. I realised that we too follow a natural calendar here on the North Norfolk coast, or anywhere you live in tune with nature. I have long thought of certain times of year as, say, “hollyhock season”, “sea lavender season”, and “start of summer visitors season”. So I have decided to make my own version of this calendar to describe our personal journey living in Blakeney. The dates given are slightly flexible based on my research and provide a loose structure. Obviously each year is different but regardless of the precise date or order of events these are time markers in the natural world for all to see. 


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