Evening dog walk: Gratuitous dog photos

Even just a simple dog walk can be amazing here. When the tide is out and the light is just right the sands of Blakeney Harbour turn into a magical playground for humans and dogs alike.


Oyster Catcher Catering

As part of our ‘Winter Recaps’ we can’t wait to gush about our invitation to a fabulous tasting event by Oyster Catcher Catering. I am not food blogger (though we do seem to talk about food, and local food, a lot on here) so I will let the starters speak for themselves!

Heritage beetroot salad with grilled goats cheese and toasted nuts and seeds
Canapes: Goats cheese wrapped in cured ham with oven dried tomato and pesto, cucumber cups with Cromer crab and radish salad, polenta cakes with pickled mushrooms truffel mayo and broad bean

Polenta cakes with pickled mushrooms, truffle mayo, and broad bean

They are as delicious as they are beautiful. 

Wherever possible they provide food and ingredients from the Norfolk area. And of course living in some of the best arable farmland in the UK, great ingredients combined with Chef Jackson Campbell’s imagination and skill leads to an amazing meal. While it is pretty, this is real food. Healthy, filling, local. 

Enough of me, here’s some more…

Seared sea bass with celeriac mash, braised fennel, and prawn bisque

Sea bream ceviche with citrus, herb puree and rocket cress

Jerusalem artichoke ‘lasagne’ with blistered tomatoes and balsamic

Apple tarte Tatin, vanilla icecream

So many courses! But we had to have it all! On display at the event was a selection of things offered in their Welcome Packs. (which we may have also tried.) What a great idea! When you spend all day trying to get out of the Big Smoke, and arrive late and hungry, what better thing to have waiting for you than delicious local food? I can distinctly remember when we moved to Blakeney and by the time we unloaded the van the only thing being served at the local pub was dessert and a cheese board. If only….


So to summarise, catering, meals delivered, and welcome packs. Amazing. 


Photography by George Gould and Fiona Diamond

Mother Nature shows off for the arrival of Spring

It’s been a big week of natural phenomena here in Blakeney. The week started off with a big show of the aurora borealis. Unfortunately we were below a thick mist and missed the show. The sky did clear, however, for the partial eclipse on Friday.


Cool huh? It is the first one I have seen, and was thrilling. Friday saw a trifecta of eclipse, supermoon, and Spring Equinox! What a combo! Living by the North Sea we all know what a supermoon means… Big tides! This morning was meant to be a 3.6m tide on the quay front here. But due to a 20m/hr North wind we were treated to a surprisingly big tide.




Tonight’s tide is schedual led to be 3.9m. We shall have to wait and see if the wind continues to blow! Tomorrow is set to be sunny and calm with an evening tide of 4m. Should be a couple of water-filled days!  

Here for you-know-who in the EDP.