The Watch House stay

Having lived in Blakeney for two years and three summers we have only just made our first trip to the Watch House! (Half Way House to you Cley residents) What an oversight!! We should have done this every year, and will from here on in. Our adventure started with a vision. A raft. A swimming platform. This dream has taken us all summer. By which, I mean, we have sporadically made a token effort to build said raft. But the trip was upon us and we had no means of transporting our provisions. So a last ditch effort was made and the raft took form. Largely untested I was nervous it would even float and when high tide and sunset on an overcast day coincide, there is little margin for error. Luckily she floated! A gusty north wind and the tide against us we made quite a spectacle on the quay.
A good while later we arrived and could not have felt more grateful or cozy anywhere else in the world after that ordeal.


The morning was clear and bright and many adventures were had, including mud racing, skim boarding, swimming in the waves, cub, and most importantly the BBQ!






As sunset approached our raft became a swimming platform swiftly followed by a kayak with a seal for the boys and wine on the dock for the girls. Dinner mainly consisted of cheese and wine and cards.




Breakfast BBQ anyone? Bubble and squeak with samphire, sausages, bacon, fried and poached eggs and grilled tomatoes! I always make a point of travelling with a chef!


All too soon it was time to go. We packed up the raft and dragged it out into the main channel. The return trip could not have been more different to the way out! We casually drifted into Blakeney and arrived in style on the quay.





What a trip. What a place. A mile from my house we found a little paradise. Holiday is definitely a state of mind. I can only advise annexing a small spit of land like a pirate to everyone to make you forget your problems.


11 thoughts on “The Watch House stay

  1. What a story, what a great place! ❤ A paradise. Gorgeous nature, I'd love to stay at the Half Way House. I have passed it many times walking from Cley to the Point. Is it very loud in the morning? Obviously not. Lucky you to have such a great chef in your team, it looks yummy. Excellent post, just to our liking. 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Dina (in Bonn) and Klausbernd (in Cley)

    1. Thanks Dina,
      Despite the wind and birds it was very quiet at night and in the mornings. We were surprised! We felt very privileged to be out there.

      1. That’s really a surprise! Somehow I thought the birds would wake you up around 4a.m. To stay a night in winter sounds real cool.

      2. The wardens say at the point itself you can’t sleep it so loud at certain times of year but we slept like a rock!

    1. Ah, well he was a day tripper only on a kayak. We took two single kayaks, a double with the dog and a canoe. It worked well.

  2. Hi, it`s quite funny reading about the watch house. I live in Cley and pass it by with my boat quite often. I visited it several times for a wild beach party. After Dina and our dear Bookfayries Siri and Selma have read your blog they are very keen to stay there some days as well. I suppose next year in spring or summer we will do it.
    Did you build this raft?
    Thanks for sharing
    Klausbernd 🙂

    1. We did build it actually. Just some wood and cooking oil drums. The self sufficiency added another dimension to the adventure! We were considering a single overnight in winter. Too crazy?

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