An evening walk on the marsh

Evening sky glow over Cley Marsh

The wind was in our faces and blowing from the West as the sun, shrouded in cloud, fell below the horizon. We were walking yesterday evening through the marsh from Cley back home to Blakeney. The sky, which has provided some spectacular sunsets over the summer, was in a different mood, but no less beautiful. In place of the classic orange disc melting into the harbour waters, Nature provided a maleable feast of shifting hues: colours you would not imagine possible in the sky, from cherry pink to luminous orange.

Set against a stage background of soft blue, grey clouds, these lights shone with intensity.

A few ducks, the vanguard of the larger migrations yet to come, flew fast across the face of the wind. Out on the sea bank, the Watch House stood dark against the dusk, a reminder of how small two little humans are in this wide landscape of marsh, sky and sea.


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