We had an amazing night the other night. Sunset coincided with high tide and it seemed the ideal time for a sunset kayak.

The cloud cover, however, covered the action in the sky but the stillness and calm made it just as atmospheric. As we kayaked along, a couple drinking wine on the back of their moored boat in the cut called out, “um… you have a seal behind you.” And there he was; a young harbour seal. We named him Cedric.

He had been quietly swimming behind the boat out of site just as you come out of Blakeney Harbour. As we went along he followed. We started playing games. If we sped up he would too, but then we would slam on the brakes and he would almost bump into the boat. He’d start on one side of the boat and dive and while we were looking for him he would pop up on the other side and splash us. As we kept up all the way to the sailing dinghies. We turned for home reluctantly, thinking he would continue you on to the point, but no he came back with us. All the way to the quay. At one point we paused and he came up and nosed the boat. Then he took the tip of the oar in his mouth. It was amazing.  He was just out for a fun swim and we were lucky to be invited along.





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