Farm girls unite.


Today I just wanted to share the thoughts and ideas of another woman who is also striving for a taste of the good life. Jennie Bryant is a mother, artist, and entrepreneur. I will just post a clip of her recent article in the magazine Mary Jane’s Farm.

“If we are talking far-out, anything-can-happen goals, I’d love to have a beautiful antique storefront, selling my things, and others; in back I’d have a lovely salon with velvet chairs, and a shiny desk and a small antique chandelier. There, I’d meet with other homemaker moms, who want to help their families with a small business and teach them what I’ve learned. Behind that I’d have a few rooms with worktables, sewing machines, a commercial kitchen, and more, and each room would connect to a playroom, visible but gated, so the moms would be able to work and watch and interact with their children at the same time. I would serve them espresso, and tea with scones… Perhaps it could overlook the ocean, and I could provide a channel for passion and potential that allows other wild and restless Selkies to cherish the welcoming harbour of home.”

All I can say is where can I sign up?

Farm girl blogs at Farm Girl Connection.


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