Stiffkey Red Lion to the rescue!


Today was a day of Highs and Lows. I won’t bore you with the details, but we may have ended up with a flat tire during a trip to what had started out as a lovely shop. This quickly turned sour when we were asked in no uncertain terms to move the car from the parking lot while we waited for help to arrive. The “get off me land” approach may have soiled the experience a little. They shall remain nameless. Anyway, we vacated the area and headed, instead, to the lovely Stiffkey Red Lion. Our heroes! Now, we have been to this great little pub a few times, and it is one of our favourite coastal pubs. To have this little oasis on a cloudy, windy, and mildly inconvenient day, was a real blessing.

The pub is a real ‘olde world’ style place with beams, crooked walls and ceilings, and loads of fire places. The dog is welcome and Green King ales are on tap, including ‘Stewkey Brew’. There is also a beer garden which will be lovely come summer, a summer room extension, and tv viewing room for sports at the back.

Aside from the fires, the real draw of the place is the food. Today, as I warmed myself, I enjoyed a burger and chips which was excellent, and washed it down with my favourite, Aspall cider.

What is your favourite coastal pub? Be sure to include a link!






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