It’s hot in Norfolk

The tropics of Norfolk, it seems, are a hot bed of chilli growing.  It might be hard to believe on a day like today when the Arctic wind is howling in from the North East, but we’ve come across two chilli sauce producers in the area, both of whom grow and make locally.


The first, Norfolk Heatwave, we saw on the BBC’s Countryfile episode about the area.  We’ve tried all 3 varieties: the Certain Death Ultra Hot, Caribbean Hot Pepper and Green Jalapeno Hot Chilli.  They’re all delicious in their way, but my personal favourite is the Green Jalapeno.

It is especially good added to a little paprika and garlic infused mayonnaise, used a dipping sauce for smoked prawns (a combination created by a chef friend when he came to stay recently).

Despite the fearsome branding, none of them are dangerously hot.  The spice is intense, but unlike more processed chilli sauces, you get the flavour without the choking, hiccough inducing burn!

I’ve seen it in stock at the Blakeney Deli and the Cley Smokehouse for about £3.50.

Philli Chillies offers a slightly different take: a sweeter, marinade-style sauce.  We found this one at the recent Blakeney Farmer’s Market and Craft Fair and opted for the Extra Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce.


The plan is to use it on some roasted ribs or a burger with avocado, cheese and tomato.

This one was also about £3 or £4, I haven’t seen it in stock in shops, but look out for it at markets or on their web-site.


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